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Short but simple: Love starts within — BayArt

I’ve been practicing meditation and providing intuitive readings and lately the theme that has been throughout all readings are directed towards loving oneself. This can be the hardest thing, lesson, and or challenge that a soul will ever go through but its needed to learn because once it is learned, accepted, and practiced the world will…

via Short but simple: Love starts within — BayArt


For some, Sunday is the best day

For some, Sunday’s are to rest 

For some, Sunday’s are to go to church 

For some, Sunday’s are to gather with family 

For some, Sunday’s are lonely 

For some, Sunday’s are gloomy 

For some, Sunday’s are a reminder that tomorrow is Monday and so a new week of hectic work is coming .

But for some, Sunday’s are a confirmation that you finished a whole week alive & there’s nothing greater than to feel grateful for a whole week of hard work, spending time with family, resting, going to church, staying in on a gloomy day and knowing that tomorrow is a start of a new week to make it better than the last one. 

My Mind Is Killing Me 

My mind is weary & I feel empty.

I feel as if my spirit is dying.

My thoughts don’t quit racing and it won’t stop pounding my head.

I can’t seem to live happy almost like I’m being punished.

Everything given to me should make me feel like I have the world at my feet but instead it’s never enough.

Am I suppose to be miserable? 

Why can’t I seem to be happy with anything?

This is just one of those late sleepless nights. 

Maybe the fact that I don’t have much people to hangout with, I don’t have anything to keep me occupied to make my thoughts ease a bit. 

However, maybe I’ll enjoy this alone time getting to know ‘ME’ getting comfortable with being alone and findings things to do. 

Whatever my destiny is I know I’ll have the strength to overcome anything in my way. 

A Peek of Life 

A radiant day is near.

A light that will outshine my daily routines

A breeze that’ll race by to wipe my bad thoughts

A light’s shadow that will distract me from my sickening overthinking self

Rays that overpower my path

A bright and shinning light arises as a new day enters, a day that I was not hoping to come at first because a feeling of neglect and unloyalty from ‘important’ people in my life surrounded my mind

Clouds that cover me and give me a sense of warmth

A new day is here. A new day of life that is.


Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it’s breaking

When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by

If you smile through your fear and sorrow 

Smile and maybe tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shinning through for you. 

To be thankful …

To be thankful…Is not one who says “I’m happy with what I have” it’s one who shows they are thankful. 

To be thankful… Is not one who constantly gives out negative energy nor one who constantly complains about their life.

To be thankful… Is to know the difference between giving and receiving. Being happy when you give and not expecting anything in return.

To be thankful… Is not one who holds grudges against anyone or anything.

To be thankful… Is someone who lives day by day knowing today can be their last, someone who constantly shows thankfulness for what they have, someone who makes somebody else’s life a bit easier today but above all; to be thankful is someone who does not take life for granted. Life is beautiful so quit complaining and enjoy it, wish others well! Be HAPPY

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