My Mind Is Killing Me 

My mind is weary & I feel empty.

I feel as if my spirit is dying.

My thoughts don’t quit racing and it won’t stop pounding my head.

I can’t seem to live happy almost like I’m being punished.

Everything given to me should make me feel like I have the world at my feet but instead it’s never enough.

Am I suppose to be miserable? 

Why can’t I seem to be happy with anything?

This is just one of those late sleepless nights. 

Maybe the fact that I don’t have much people to hangout with, I don’t have anything to keep me occupied to make my thoughts ease a bit. 

However, maybe I’ll enjoy this alone time getting to know ‘ME’ getting comfortable with being alone and findings things to do. 

Whatever my destiny is I know I’ll have the strength to overcome anything in my way. 


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