Living in a Warzone 

Seems like I’m invisible as I walk in this bloody battlefield. 

I gaze to my left; blood gushing

I gaze to my right; bombs exploding

What have we done? 

Reaching out I try to help the wounded but it’s impossible; screaming for help but no one hears me.

I fall to my knees and gaze up to the heavens wondering if this is the reason why we came to exist. 

I surrender, weeping and wondering why I’m present to witness mankind kill each other without consciousness.

I question existence.

This lucid presence introduces itself to me in silence. Transferring an odd tranquility to me. 

I weep as I refuse to let this presence come near me as the background continues to be covered in blood. 

Raindrops flush the atmosphere leaving this vivid light with me. 

I stand up, look around, breathing heavily I whisper “why”? Why so much hatred, why so much ignorance, why so much killing? Why ? Why? !

And then I realize there’s no higher power to question and doubt, we’ve done this to ourselves. Our free will led us to choose wrong almost as if we were blinded when we did. 

Now my generation suffers, we live in fear and confusion as to why we are witnessing so much death and darkness on Earth. As if HOPE has been eliminated from mankind. 

I close my eyes and gaze to the field around me and I continue walking In disappearance. 


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