The Joy of Life 

At times depression is all we know and shelter on. The chaos and events of life that make us hate being alive. 

The people we meet whom we regret we did and those who we meet whom we can’t live without. 

The job who gave us value in society and the job we hated that made us quit and hate working. 

The lover whom we thought was a forever and the lover who gave us the biggest scar on our hearts and now we can’t seem to truly love. 

The God who we believe was the only power to praise but the God who we question and doubt just because life goes wrong. 

Life is filled with negatives and will destroy you if you let it but if you look at the positives and the greatness of life, you’d understand that life is the biggest joy and miracle we can ever have. 

For I love my life and I make the BEST out of it. You should too ! 


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