“Love” In today’s Generation

At some point in life, I’m sure you felt the urge of someday having your own family. I’m sure at some point in your life, you wanted to feel that pure love who no one can define unless you’ve experienced it. What occurred? The biggest challenge for me lately is trying to cope with reality and how men’s mentality function. I grew up hoping to find a genuine man with charm and respect just like our parents described they exist. As technology evolved in the 21st century, so did mankind. I’ve noticed how technology has decreased the likelihood of being loyal to your partner. It’s become so normal to take other people’s emotions as a game for their own satisfaction which I still have a hard time understanding. Leaving someone with unanswered questions is so selfish and hurtful. Don’t you know the pain people go through when they find out everything about their relationship has been a lie? Yes it’s absolutely absurd that someone can pretend to be loyal and come home to you while they see another person and you don’t even know about it. What’s more absurd is the fact that after getting caught, they still find the need to continue lying. However, the most impacting thing to me is processing the fact of reality and today’s society. The fact that we MUST summit to someone and go along with the game because you WILL end up losing someway or somehow if you fall for him/her. I spoke with someone who mentioned spiritual points such as having a relationship according to God’s will. As I’ve personally have tried to work out a relationship following God’s principles, It still failed because either or disappointed one another with actions that weren’t justified. There can be many successful love stories from what we think but, the truth of the matter is, at some point in our lives we will be let down, betrayed and hurt.

What are your opinions?


2 thoughts on ““Love” In today’s Generation

  1. I do agree ,in that we will all get hurt sometime, and it wont be the first. Its harder now in the present day to find something genuine but I don’t think its just technology but probably media, what people are being fed, to even the music people listen to. I have noticed a shift in the current generation now than that of about 10 years ago, Its interesting to see that change, Its like people today care more about sex and fulfilling some sort of satisfaction, pretty much no emotion perhaps out of fear of being hurt? many factors can contribute to this really. I think in my opinion the best thing to do is to stay connected spiritually in whatever you practice or believe in. I definitely think spiritual balance plays a role, Most people lack that today. Its good to get your thoughts out there, I really like this blog keep it going because it can benefit and maybe spark something positive in someone.

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    • Sorry for such a late reply but thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It’s awesome to see your feedback.


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