Where have my wishes gone?

But I’ve done so good to humanity ! Why can’t you grant me at least 1 wish ?!

I’ve given so much to the lost and I’ve given hope to so many ! Why hasn’t my simple wish come true ?

Oh, is it because my heart is rot and I’m trying to make everyone else believe I am happy?

Well then, to hell with those wishes !

I strongly believed that freewill lived inside every human but I guess I’m wrong since not even a wish can be asked without a sacrifice in return.

A wish doesn’t have to do with religion, or cults or any type of belief ! It’s just an innocent emotion that we all carry yet it’s impossible to obtain.

Well, If wishing is too much to ask for, I’ll keep on hoping for peace, love, faith, fairness, and happiness to all because I believe there’s still a tiny bit of good in people and that little bit of goodness gives people hope to wish for anything even with hard times like these.



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