How has it felt to fight for your belief but your will is so limited that the very own air you inhale has a price?

Defending one’s rights has changed history since I can remember

I’ve traveled to many places on the globe and each time I get to a new country I take a deep breath and connect to the new culture. 

No matter how many times I try convincing myself that there’s good in people, I’m saddened by the stuff i see; A corrupted government fooling their people and getting away with whatever they want. 

How can people let their kids live in poverty and think “We can’t get out of this, this is my life” IT’S NOT ! 

I’m mentally prepared for the day America falls and we the ‘people’ will be forced to shut our mouths and do as they say. I may not have my laptop, or phone, or right but I have my faith and my mind which can conquer whoever and whatever. I will not let myself suffer or be forced to live a life i don’t want. 

Why are people so weak and why do they let themselves be weakened? Let your experiences and past decisions make you a better person to fight for your rights so that one day you can leave a legacy, not for the world but for people who aren’t weak spiritually and believe as you do. 

Don’t allow contaminated air kill you slowly… Control it 

– Stephanie Image


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