Upside Down


Warm weather; Beautiful 

Long boarding on the strip of downtown Fort Lauderdale beach; Beautiful 

A green and purple Aurora above people; Beautiful 

Waves crashing into people’s bodies; Beautiful 

Classy women walking their dogs; Basic

“Big Shot” men working out like there’s no tomorrow; Basic

Kids rolling in the sand; Beautiful 

Sunset begins to kick in; Dawn

Night life starts to evolve; Darkness 

An awakening begins to blossom; Darkness

Have you ever watched a movie where scenes are fast forward and there’s a person left in the middle of it all?

That is ME, watching how the actual term of darkness starts to bring such a huge loss in people’s lives.

What change can I do ? 

I stare at people and analyze each person’s actions just for my own curiosity

Each step i take, I begin to meditate and pray over people’s safety and choices they’ll be making that night

If I’m not brave enough to pray and wish well to people then who will?




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