Since when is it a bad thing to not be satisfied living in one location? 

Wether I’m in Germany, Florida, New York, etc. I will never be satisfied with one culture nor one town. The urge to involve myself with other nationalities and cultures is part of my passion. 

So, do I really lack stability? or are people defining the word by what society shows? 

Beautiful night skies and amazing astronomy; sink in it’s beauty. 

Your god, my God, their god, their purpose is to lead but why am I so mislead? 

It’s painful to feel each and every thought clash with one another! I hate it and I blame my thoughts for my spiritual pain. 

It’d be nice to not think for a second or not have random stuff burning your mind; meditation is key

Sharing my views and beliefs with a significant other would mean a lot but there IS no significant other

Oh! Love! look what you’ve done…. leaving hopeful hearts helpless with no one to be with. [Me] 

Test yourselves you nasty creatures! how dare you not have shame of having intimacy with so many different people and living on with a clean conscience. “Wait, I’m single. Let me hush.”

Ease your minds and sooth your thoughts; meditate 




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