Last Time ….

As I get comfortable in bed, I’m thinking of how painful this next “goodbye”will be. It was painful the day I left home and left my family to seek my own independence, but now i leave my second family and it’s aching. I learned how to value everything I have back in Fl and not take “love”for granted. I once grew up with my cousin Michelle but drifted once my family moved to Florida and now that I’m leaving once again, I am leaving a huge hole in Michelle’s heart.. She became the sister I once wished to have and share my phases with (she’s my age.) We learned how to balance each other and share moments that have marked our lives. I have learned to love a woman that is not my mom nor family but took care of me just like a mother would. My uncle gave me trust and offered me his home. Goodbye’s are aching and it’s a different type of pain. I’m not sure when I’ll return to visit because I am now seeking independence back in Fl… I do hope to come back soon and show them how much I love them and appreciate everything they did for me… for loving me, for trusting me, for accepting me as I am. I adapted to a lifestyle that I was not used to, but i learned how to love that life. Now as I go back home to my family, I hope to see change in my relationship with my parents and not take them for granted. I’m not sure if my tears are from joy or sadness or maybe both? I might be crying because I’m happy to know that I’ve learned how to depend on my own or if I’m crying because Im attached to my “family”up here or maybe I’m just filled with many emotions! Money doesn’t buy happiness, money doesn’t replace the love I have for the people here. Thank you so much and I will always have you in my heart…. Always

I love you all



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