Unknown Tears



Why is it that every time I think of you, I just cry and weep?

I only wish to be just as wise and strong as you are

I miss you but I don’t think you know how much

My sighs are just filled with memories of you and wanting to see you

My reflection is You

My wisdom, well lets just say I didn’t get that from you haha

Guidance…. yes, I inherited that from you 

Don’t ever leave me, I will always need you and call for you!

Who will i ask for advice and guidance? who will I ask when I’m going through tribulations? I don’t want to be dependent.

My sleepless nights and hopeless thoughts can’t seem to escape from me because they’re filled with you. 

I don’t want to see you grow old, I want you here with me forever

I want to look at you every night i close my eyes and feel your warmth next to me.

I want to carry on your legacy each day of my life

Although you are in Fl, I still act as if you’re with me 24/7 

Mom, don’t ever leave us. 

I Love You ~



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