Is there anyone aware still? I’m screaming it and weeping it! Is there anyone alive ? or is this my conscience speaking? I have grown hatred toward this filthy World i live in. It’s like the older I get, the more I analyze this prison I’m in. This is the beginning of the End.. Yes I am aware but pause…. I’d like to be prepared for what is to come. Please someone! I’m tired of it all; Tired of the death rates increasing, tired of seeing people I once socialized with killing themselves, tired of seeing people kill to survive, tired of seeing children suffer, tired of seeing the division of Nations, tired of religion, tired of it all! I blink now, can i do it again? When is the end?! Who am i asking? do you hear me? who, who?? You pray to your god but is it my God too? which one saves? no I’m not doubting my God but i am reassuring. Love never led to death like it is now. Children having children? please stop. Satanic darts are punishing my thoughts but how can i control it? A sea made out of depths and mystery, a universe made out of silence and shadows, what is Earth? who is Earth? Alright let my body perish but not my soul; Legacy

Let me be prepared for what is to come; Fair 

Let me suffer now but not later after I perish



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