A Nation Weeping & Unheard

Maybe the majority of the human kind aren’t quite aware of the catastrophe going on in the middle east. War has always existed as a sign of reaching justice in a nation and i tweeted a day ago that i will never understand why war has to occur in order to have justice. How is it that a country is killing it’s own people and kids are getting murdered in the most inhumane way. Is there a way to stop this? It seems that the only way to stop it is to get involved in another war and it truly breaks my heart. “Why” is the number question i’ve been asking and i can’t stop. My tears won’t help, my prayers are my only hope to stop this. A lot of people start cursing God’s name but think about something …. Don’t you think our own actions and decisions have led us to all of this? i mean it doesn’t justify the fact that children are getting murdered but we are destroying our own human race. Knowing that i have many family members serving this country (U.S) i am afraid that any second now i’ll get the worst news, my cousins are to be diploid to Syria. I will continue to pray for both my country and the middle east as well. I am extremely overwhelmed with this whole crisis and the only few words i am able to express are the ones on this blog. Please leave your opinions on the comment box, i’d like to know what your opinions are. 

Lots of love, Stephanie Image



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