Lucid Dreams

At some point in our lives we experience supernatural stuff and things we thought we could never do. As most of you know dreams only last between 15 minutes long. I was having a nightmare this morning and i knew i was dreaming but at the same time it felt so real that i questioned myself in my own dream. I had never experienced such feeling like today. Some people believe that we are shown things through dreams to warn us or tell us something in specific and death was roaming this nightmare. I woke up weeping and yelling for help and i felt my own conscience respond and tell me it was just a nightmare. I was fighting my own thoughts wether or not to blog about this or just keep my thoughts private but i figured that there’s many people that actually struggle with this and people grow a huge fear for dreaming because many think that they’ll be condemned and that their dreams/nightmares will come to actuality . I do believe dreams warn us, help us, show us, guides us, and it can go the opposite way as well but i also believe that we are capable of a superior power and we are able to control our minds and that is why i decided to blog about my experience! If you’re going through this struggle i suggest you pray and strongly meditate and try to clear all your thoughts and fears and as you do so try to release all your problems and stresses so that the next time you dream or a nightmare is encountered, you’re able to control it and wake up normal from it. hope this helps 

Love ~ 


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