The American Dream

Perhaps people that don’t live in the United states will always dream of coming to this country and seeking a better living and the freedom it offers but for us citizens of the United States can say otherwise…. Unfortunately for the students who want to pursue a career but can’t afford it are stuck fighting for money to pay for it and in my case it is a struggle but i imagine that in all the countries schooling is difficult as well. The United states was once a safe and rich country to built a future on but with the hatred and evil in it this country is fallin’ into pieces in which the government is even fooling everyone. “The American Dream” as everyone refers to it isn’t an actual dream anymore is just a daily struggle to make it through this society and i suggest before anyone comes to live out here make sure you are 100% prepared to start from the bottom all over again and make sure to be okay with the fact that a 50% chance of not succeeding with such a competitive country we live in. I am a proud American i just don’t agree with regulations the country has had recently but all countries have their ups & downs ! Either way this was just a short feedback and my opinion of my situation i’m going through with college and work :c 


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