Arranged Marriages

I’m not sure if i’ll ever understand why kids are forced to be married but i am not against arranged marriages. I do believe that love will eventually follow after wedding but personally i’d love to naturally fall in love with whoever i am destined to. If we look at it in a religious aspect women should only respect it if their beliefs are to be those. I am a strong believer of equality and respect and i think women should be treated equally to men. As a young woman i was raised in a strict type of home where us women have to serve the man holding the household and i never understood why women? why can’t men do their laundry or wash their dinner plate etc. but after the years i was able to loosen up my mentality and if someday i do get married it would be an honor for me to take care of my husband and serve him as much as i can without it being too much of a praise. That was just a little insight of my opinion i’d like for my viewers to take a look at this amazing and shocking video!
Blessings to all


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