Late night Thinking

And when did night become evil and when did daylight become salvation?

spiritual instincts and deep thoughts that won’t leave me alone. 

Subconscience awake and communicating with the unknown?

How is it that i can channel your energy all the way to the smallest unseen cell in my body?

Grief, so much grief ! I’m tired of it all.

Acknowledgment blocked. 

Dear parents, When did you lose so much understanding for your kids? you were once our age … why such ignorance ? 

Love, when did you leave our hearts? Hate, when did you grow in us?

Apologies, Apologies 

Nature, when is your extermination? Can’t you see humans just want to be dead just as they want Earth to be dead? 

Wake me up and tell me that life isn’t life !!

Paradise or shadows, i speak to you and i promise you i don’t believe


[silence] echoes 


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