Many of us follow a governmental system that says what we want to hear but in reality it is a hidden group that fiercely portrays hatred against the human race. As the days come and go, evil grows in each person and it’s gotten so out of hand that people can’t control other people anymore so they want execute our race. Even tho i know this is a controversial topic to talk about i have to share it with my viewers because i’d like to try to open your spiritual eyes to the world we live in. How far will government control go? If you aren’t aware of how limited our “freedom” is you should meditate in it and know that the freedom we have has become scarce. Government is a group of in perfect people just like you and i and people who’s wisdom Is to challenge one another. It’s all about power (POWER) ! Regardless of how humble one can be we still crave superior power. Hope everyone takes time to do some research and meditation on the way our government is taking control of this country..



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