Several Arrested As Cops Shut Down ‘Delafest’ Street Party In New Brunswick


CBS New York

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ(CBSNewYork) — Several people were arrested on Saturday when police in New Brunswick broke up a massive, rowdy, street party.

Delafield street was blocked off for hours by cops as they responded to, what some people called, a chaotic scene, at an off campus block party near Rutgers University.

Bottles were smashed and a couch burned in the middle of the street as police in riot gear attempted to break up the crowd of young party goers, many of whom are students at Rutgers.

[worldnow id=8772593 width=500 height=332 type=video]

Eventually, witnesses told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin, the police used pepper spray.

“I’m one of the victims of the pepper spray, for no reason,” said sophomore Derek Allegrini, “I’m standing next to a cop and he goes, ‘don’t cross the street’ and I’m like ‘what do you mean I can’t cross the street’ spray, that’s messed up.”

Partiers were…

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