Ingredients to a healthy heart

Has anger filled your heart at some point in your life? How does it make you feel? What are the outcomes of feeling anger? Wether its a bad or good feeling the heart always FEELS. Having a healthy heart consists of a few steps and practices to your daily routine. 

step 1: As soon as you wake up, Bless your day and smile because you were granted another day of living.

step 2: Do a few breathing exercises just to make your body feel relaxed and ready to receive a brand new day.

step 3: If you can exercise your body as well just a small stretch. After doing your daily routine such as brushing your teeth, making your bed etc. Make sure your first meal of the day is healthy!

step 4: Make a small milkshake or a simple yogurt mixed with fruits. 

step 5: During your day you will most likely encounter a situation with someone that might put you in a bad mood but don’t allow it, make sure you resist the temptations of your flesh.

step 6: Wish well to all even if they don’t wish well to you because it’s always a blessing to bless others.

step 7: Anytime during your day/night observe nature and appreciate it. listening to the sounds of nature is very healthy to your spirit.

step 8: (rushing) is not a good thing remember everything has it’s own specific time so don’t rush your future 

step 9: Mental living releases a healthy lifestyle and blessing to your soul

step 10: LET YOUR SOUL ROAM ! 


Not all these steps are made to be physical most of them are mental. The mind is very powerful and in order for you to have a healthy heart you must send signals to your mind so it can penetrate the heart. 


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