Working With Memory, the Writer’s, that is….

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nebula-100x100Writing a memoir involves working with one’s memory, as well as other people’s, if necessary.  I’m finding it disconcerting.  Have I remembered that event correctly?  Did my mother really do that?  What grade was I in when I fell off the horse?  Homing in on specific events for the purpose of writing them down leaves me uncertain.  I realized that I’m used to either making things up for my fiction, or sticking to the facts, ma’am, in my essays.  I felt lost.

So, I decided to take a class.  I have found that if I can’t write through a problem to the solution, sometimes a class will help me by either sparking new ideas about the problem or new solutions.  I’m fortunate that I live close enough to take writing classes at The Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis.  I was in a class this morning with 14 other women…

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