Sky Lantern Town of Shifen, along the Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line of Taiwan

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Considered myself more acquainted with Taipei metro and railway system as the days passed by, I decided to spend another day outside the city and explore the nearby rural town of Shifen.

Along with teenagers, school kids and families on summer vacation who were waiting patiently at Ruifang station, I was excited to ride the famous Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line. There is very limited information available on the web about this particular train line but with whatever information there is, it always promises one thing – a ride along a scenic rural side of Taiwan with waterfalls, farmlands, bridges and houses along the track.
ping hsi railway (shifen)
ping hsi railway (shifen)

With a total length of 12.9 kilometers and said to be originally built for coal transportation, the six station town along Ping His Branch Railway offers variety of tourist attraction but united by one common theme- sky lanterns and the Lantern Festival.
ping hsi railway (shifen)

The town of…

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