Don’t Look Back At Your Past

Wether you’re moving on from a boyfriend/girlfriend or moving on from any type of experience you’ve encountered, It’s always good to have a strong character so that you can know how to deal with it and that experience won’t break you. It’s hard as a woman to be left only with your partner’s shadow. You give your all to a person thinking you’ll get that back but when life takes a drift we never expect it so that’s why we have to be ready to deal with these types of things. “Expect the Unexpected” if you expect a text or call from that special person and the text never comes you better expect that as well. My point is never look back to your past, it’ll never bring any positivity or blessing to your life. How is something that once left you in pieces be a blessing to you afterwards? I just don’t believe that can ever be true. It’s literally like if you were eating your own vomit! I respect all women who deal with infidelity or any type of betrayal just like i defend any man out there who truly has humbleness and honesty in their soul. Be a blessing to each other and respect one another. At my job I don’t think no one has ever seen me in a bad attitude because i always try to be someone else’s blessing or reason to smile. Pray for a strong character and value yourself 🙂 


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