I must’ve stared at this blank page for 30 minutes trying to come up with a way to initiate this topic of “love.” This powerful word has been the cause of suicidal, murder and crimes. Love has many levels of emotions and feelings in which it leads a person to act a certain way. Love is used in a Religious and spiritual sense. I believe Love is a beautiful feeling and decision to make because it has such great outcomes just like negative one’s. As much as I know, i’ve never loved a person enough to make a sacrificial act , I must say the first few levels of love blinded my heart with an overwhelming feeling. It begins to spread over your body and you no longer have control over it. Some sort of an abstract piece of art but instead it’s an emotion. Unfortunately the world is wicked and not everyone “loves”, many indeed feel hatred and disgust for each other. I’m a believer of love, I don’t think love destroys at all because then that isn’t really love. Love is a strong attachment and a strong affection and it’s a virtue so how can it destroy? I guess it’s because after so many years and new time periods “love” has been interpreted so differently. I mean since when do men refer to women as a worthless piece? or since when do women curse the existence of men? The ignorance of the world increases and love has left thy hearts. Never forget where we came from and how blessed we are to feel, see, smell, and touch.Those are all blessings and we need to recognize them and value each and every single one of them. Lets not forget how to love and how to cherish each other. ! Love you all ~ 


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