Dear Mama

Dear Mama

You’ve given me direction and guide. I’ve taken you for granted but my heart longs for you and it truly appreciates you. All the sacrifices you’ve done for this cold heart of mine I thank you for. Most of my teenage years I’ve despised you and haven’t given us an opportunity to get to know each other. All I’ve ever wished for was for us to get along, for us to have a strong communication, for us to know each other but now I’ve spread my wings and it’s my time to live. I take all the experiences and advices from you I promise. I meditate that someday I get to hug you and kiss you and for it to join us but for now I still bless you even if we don’t have the best bond. I admire you as the strong woman you are but trust me mother I’ve grown to be as strong too thanks to you. Look deep inside my eyes and you will see that you haven’t committed and error with me, you’ve shown me well. My mentality is so strong and vivid and I give the credit to you because your faith has shown me to be strong and brilliant. I now chase my dreams and when they are 100% accomplished I will praise you for it. Each leap I take towards my dream I give you credit for. Believe in me. Even if I don’t share your religious views I do have my personal beliefs and they have built me into this amazing creature that is ready to roam this earth. I value you and I will show you the love I have for you, I will no longer say the 3 meaningful words because I’m dedicated to showing you instead.
Bless you strong soul ~


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