As a normal and common thing that us humans always do without trying is asking questions all the time. Questioning can bring many benefits to our daily lives just like it can bring danger and confusion. If people didn’t ask questions many of the greatest inventions wouldn’t exist. So what exactly is questioning? Questioning is a major form of human thought and interpersonal communication. Our conscience detects these questions we ask ourselves and the mind is so powerful that we are able to control that voice in our head that makes us doubt things or people etc. So how many questions do we actually ask in just one day? Well there is no limit to how many questions we ask daily because it is a natural thing we all do.If any of you feel like you ask too many questions and it interferes with your peace or it brings burden i would suggest you get into meditation. Meditation has to be the key to a free mind and it really helps to sort out all different types of thoughts. Start with just closing your eyes and getting into a tranquil state of mind and go from there you can look up more information on meditation online. This was a little intro to my new blogging site !


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